Mongrel MC

The Mongrels MC is an outlaw motorcycle club in Days Gone.

The Mongrels' logo represents a chained dog with a burst of blood coming from it's jaws. Their colors are black, white and red. Its motto is 'Ride the Broken Road.'


The Mongrels were founded in Farewell, Oregon, at an unknown point. Little is known about the MC's activities other than having a marijuana farm and a mechanic shop as sources of income.

Deacon St. John was patched into the club's mother charter, after being offered a place by the club's president Jack, who he worked for after returning home from the war in Afghanistan. Deacon became good friends with the club's Sergeant At Arms, Boozer.

A member of the club, Jessie Williams was excommunicated after Deacon patched in. Deacon helped hold hm down while his club tattoos were forcibly removed by Jack with a blow torch.

Some time later, the club came under investigation by the police, and Jack was sentenced to prison time. It is unknown whether he retained the title of President, or if his title was given to someone else.

By the time of the Freaker apocalypse, it appears that the MC is no longer active, as the only known members, Deacon and Boozer, operate independently as freelance bounty hunters/mercenaries with seemingly no contact with any other members of the club, possibly meaning they are the last surviving members.

Deacon and Boozer continued to wear their leathers long into the apocalypse, partially out of habit and partially out of remembrance for the time they lived by a code and for the sense of brotherhood it represented.



  • Deacon was originally depicted with a Road Captain patch in the original reveal and gameplay demo. The reason for his change in rank is unknown.
  • Both Deacon and Boozer wear "1e/r" (One Percenter) patches, which is a references to their status as outlaws.
    • This is in reference to an old saying that "99% of bikers are law abiding citizens."
  • The MC's name may be based on the Mongols, one of the Hell's Angels' rivals.
  • The Farewell charter had at least 27 members, as revealed by Deacon when he asked Sarah, "Do you really want 27 Harleys rolling up on that little church in Marion Forks?"
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