The Motorcycle (or Motorbike) is the primary mode of transportation of Deacon St. John.


Deacon had ridden Motorcycles long before the Freaker virus hit, being a member of a Motorcycle Club, holding the rank of Road Captain. Deacon continued to use his bike since it was able to conquer the rough terrain and destroyed roads much more easily than a larger vehicle could. 


The motorcycle will act as a mobile base which can be used to store items in the inventory, prepare loadouts and manage everything needed for survival. The Motorcycle will also have a finite amount of fuel, and more will need to be found to avoid being stranded. 

The bike is also equipped with nitrous, allowing it to get up to higher speeds quickly. 


Deacon's bike appears to be a completely custom design, having the body of a chopper style bike, but with the suspension and tires of a dirt bike. 

It is unknown at this point if the bike will be customizable.