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Okay, Cope — this time ya got me. I'll take all the guns I can get my hands on — ain't no one takin' 'em away from me.

My Cold Dead Hands is the third radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about gun control.


Back during the American Revolution, when we were fightin' for our freedoms, we gained the beautiful right to keep and bear arms. A right we used to protect ourselves, our families, our property. That is, until the evergrowin' Federal Government got scared of the people they swore to protect. Over the years, they stripped us of every gun right they could, using a few mass shootings as an excuse to curtail the God-given rights of us, American Citizens. "Gun Control." And there went the Second Amendment, ladies and gentlemen. Let me ask you this: When all this shit went down, if every American was packin' heat, do you think we'd be in this mess? Hell. No. But this is how the Feds wanted it. Disarming the public was just the first step toward gettin' rid of us all. So who did those "gun laws" really protect? Sure as hell wasn't us, the American taxpayers. Someday, we ever dig outta this, I want to take a poll. I bet those who survived, were those who had guns.