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Well, you're right about one thing, Cope — all these NERO refugee camps? They did turn out to be death camps — just not the way you were expecting.

NERO Death Camps is the first radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcasts about the NERO Death Camps.


Today I was thinking about where it all began. The roots go deep, back to the big dub-ya dub-ya two. 1947, the Feds passed — what they call it? "The National Security Act." Now — what this did — was give the Feds the right to take over our roads, railroads, and radio — anything they damn well pleased — without a warrant. Today — the Feds are gone, but we're still here — shining the spotlight a' truth on the world. Truth is — I seen it coming. Years ago, we had photos — NERO death camps, built to hold us — American citizens. No one believed me. If more of us had spoken up, none of this woulda happened. Tell you one thing — it won't happen again.