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DaysGone NapalmMolotov inv icon

The Napalm Molotov in the gear viewer.

A Napalm Molotov is a thrown weapon in Days Gone.

Recipe Location[]

The recipe is automatically unlocked during the mission You Alone I Have Seen.



A Napalm Molotov is the perfect item to significantly weaken Hordes of Freakers. Since it uses a larger container and a more powerful incendiary, the flames will spread over a larger area and affect more targets. This means Deacon can attack large packs or hordes of Freakers.

After the fuse is lit, the bomb is active. When the growler breaks on impact, it detonates and the flames spread across the area of effect. The player has to be careful or Deacon might be caught in the blast radius and suffer damage and catch fire as well.

Napalm Molotovs use precious and scarce resources to make. Always aim for large groups of Freakers, so as not to waste them.