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Nice and Bloody is a mission in Days Gone.


  • Ride out on a bounty job for Tucker.


  • Locate Limbo.
  • Kill Limbo.
  • Collect the Tire Iron.
  • Return the Tire Iron as Proof of the Kill.


  • 3000 XP
  • 1550 Trust - Hot Springs


I don't like doing Alkai's job for him, but I got this thing about killing unarmed women, and the woman this asshole killed, Maria Hewitt? Yeah, I knew her. A couple months back I spotted her limping down the Santiam Highway, at night! She was starving, disoriented. Damn lucky to be alive. I took her to Tuck's camp, checked on her. Yeah, she had to work, but she was grateful to be alive. I told her she was safe there. But with assholes like Limbo out there? No one's safe. Not anywhere.