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  No Beginning and No End is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride to the Marion Forks church.


  • Drive to location.
  • Clear the Squatters.


I remember the day we got married. Only one person showed up. Her family was pissed she was hooking up with a biker. The MC was pissed that I had put her first. So who showed up? Boozer, of course. Nothing was going to keep him away. A couple of days ago, when O'Brian told me that Sarah hadn't made it, Boozer had had enough, kicked my ass, told me I'd mourned her enough. He's right. It's time to move on.



  • The mission start time 4:00am, the weather is heavy rain. The mission ends at 12:05pm, the weather is clear. The number of "days gone" increases by two.