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  No One Saw It Coming is a mission in Days Gone.


The world comes for you.



He's My Brother[]

Boozer has blood poisoning. I should have done something sooner, but I didn't know how bad it was until he woke up, delirious, and almost blew my head off. I've brought him south, to a spot outside Lost Lake. Now I just have to head into camp and find some antibiotics. Hopefully Addy won't miss them.

Gear Up For The Ride[]

Well we rode out there all night, me and Boozer. But we didn't ride north. Boozer didn't ride out the way we he wanted, and we didn't ride far. I'll be seeing Manny again - he still owes me some time on this bike; and Tucker, yeah she's one tough old woman, but Alkai still has some weapons I need. They haven't seen the last of me.



  • The song that plays during the ride to Lost Lake is "Soldier's Eyes" by solo artist Jack Savoretti and appears on his debut album Between the Minds.
  • Conversations overhead by Deacon while sneaking through the Lost Lake camp foreshadow the eventual revelation of Rikki and Addy's romantic relationship.
  • The mission start time 4:00am. The mission ends no later than 10:00pm the next day. The weather is clear.