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  No Place Else To Go is a mission in Days Gone.


Take Boozer to the Lost Lake Encampment Infirmary.


  • Walk with Rikki.
  • Drive back to Lost Lake.


He's My Brother[]

That didn't go like I planned but Rikki helped me bring Boozer into the camp. Addy says he has a chance, if Iron Mike lets us stay. Mike's a decent man. He's not going to kick us out, not with a life at stake. I can work enough for both of us. So long as I can keep from killing Skizzo, we're good.

You're Safe Now[]

I asked how Lisa was doing. Rikki said she was gone. Went out on a supply run, didn't come back. Damn Skizzo sent her on a supply run. Yeah I get it, everyone has to earn their keep - but the kid had PTSD or something, had just been tortured by Rippers. What was Skizzo thinking? Sonofabitch.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

Last time I saw them, Rikki and Addy hadn't hooked up. I mean, I don't give a shit, none of my business. Whatever gets you through the day. On the road, we didn't have time for that shit, any of us. Get caught with your pants down? You were dead. Just as simple as that. Maybe why Rikki gave up on the road, set up shop at Lost Lake.

It's All We've Got[]

Addy was already here the first time we rode in, me and Boozer, Rikki, back in the day. Addy was already running the infirmary. Even then she was the only doctor around. Tucker sent me down a couple of times to trade for medicine, ask for help. That was before all the bad blood. I guess me getting caught stealing shit from her isn't going to help.


  • The mission start time 6:00am. The mission ends at 8:00am. The weather is clear.