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  No Starving Patriots is one of the story jobs in Days Gone.


Clear the Marauder ambush camp.


  • Locate the Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp
  • Clear the ambush camp.
  • Repair Tower Power Supply.
  • Flip the switch.
  • Investigate the bunker.


  • 1,500 XP


Gear Up For The Ride[]

Speaking of truther bullshit, I had to clear out a marauder camp west of O'Leary Mountain. Cope thinks I did it for him, to restore power to the radio tower there, so he could keep broadcasting Radio Free Oregon. But that isn't why I did it. I did it for Boozer, keep O'Leary Mountain clear of vagrants and marauders.

Ambush Camp Hunter[]

We'd seen these guys before, me and Boozer, but we just never got around to dealing with them. We meant to. They were too close to O'Leary Mountain and Boozer had spotted them setting a clothesline trap along the Old Belknap Road. I'm glad we waited though, since now I got Cope paying me to clear them out.