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The Nock Volley in the gear viewer.

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The stats of the Nock Volley.

The Nock Volley is a primary weapon and shotgun in the game.


"A very unique 7 barreled shotgun. Firing all 7 barrels at once makes for a fun kill. Just make sure you have time for reloading."(Page). It can be found at the Wizard Island gun merchant for 2,500 credits.

  • Condition: Level 4 - Military Spec.
  • Magazine: Single shot - non-upgradable


  • It is based off the "Nock Gun" firearm.
  • The real Nock Gun was designed as an anti-personnel naval weapon, designed to be fired at the decks of ships. The real weapon was also a muzzle-loaded, black powder weapon while the in game version sees it converted to not only fire conventional buckshot but also transforms it into a break action. (Page).]]