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  Not Like I Got A Choice is a mission in Days Gone.


Go find Boozer.


  • Track Boozer.
  • Keep Boozer alive.
  • Return to your bike.
  • Take Boozer back to work.


Surviving Isn't Living[]

He may only have one arm, but he still packs a hell of a left hook. I guess that's what I needed, my only friend to knock some sense into me. It's been a hard day. The news about Sarah, putting down that dying dog, seeing the look on Boozer's face, getting my ass kicked. The bright side? We killed a bunch of Rippers. Won't bring back Boozer's arm, but payback is payback.

Ripped Apart[]

Ran into more Rippers, this time out killing healthy dogs. What is their problem? If I have to guess, it's because dogs don't like Freaks. See, there aren't that many left, healthy dogs, because they starve to death, or turn rabid, or bite a Freaker and get infected, become Runners. And Runners? Nothing tastes better to a Runner than a freshly killed Freak.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Dropping Boozer off at the Lost Lake farm so he can work under Skizzo's thumb makes me want to break something. I know, everyone has to work. Boozer has to pull his weight. And he doesn't seem to mind. Still, it doesn't feel right. Leaving him there. And I'm sure Skizzo isn't going easy on him.



  • The mission start time 7:00am. The mission ends at 4:30pm. The number of "days gone" increases by two. The weather is clear.