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  Now That's An Idea is a mission in Days Gone.


Check in with Addy.


  • Drive to location.
  • Return to your cabin.
  • Meet Boozer.
  • Ride with Boozer to the dam.
  • Kill the Rippers.
  • Ride with Boozer to the dam.


Someone That I Used To Know[]

I always heard that you only yell at people you care about. Rikki must care - a lot. And maybe she's right. Blowing up the dam is going to kill a lot of people. A lot of Rippers. But I can't think about that right now. They have to be stopped. And they will never stop, until they're dead. All of them. Rikki and Iron Mike will see that some day.

It's All We've Got[]

So that's what's been bugging her all this time. Addy doesn't think she's a doctor. I told her maybe not, but you're all we've got. What I should have told her is, you saved Boozer's life. In my book? You're the best doctor I've ever known.

Keep Them Safe[]

Rikki asked me if it was personal, taking out Jessie and the Rippers and I was angry, so I said yeah. But it's not. I mean, we owe Jessie some payback after what his Rippers did to Boozer, but I guess, maybe we had that coming, for what we did to him, back in the day. But what about all the people they've tortured? What they did to Lisa? None of them deserved what the Rippers did to them. No. This isn't personal. It's about keeping Lost Lake safe.



  • The mission start time 3:30pm. The mission ends at 5:00pm. The weather is clear.
  • At the beginning of the mission, any special weapon is replaced with the sniper rifle SSR. The old special weapon can be picked up at the beginning of the mission near the infirmary.