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  Now You See It is a mission in Days Gone.


Visit Boozer in the Lost Lake Infirmary.


  • Drive to Location.
  • Walk with Skizzo to the Lost Lake Lodge.


He's My Brother[]

Boozer's getting worse. Addy had antibiotics, but not enough. Skizzo overheard us, told me where I can find some. This is risky because it means breaking Iron Mike's treaty with the Rippers. But I have to do whatever it takes. Boozer would do the same for me.

It's All We've Got[]

Addy says she doesn't have enough antibiotics. I've seen her work miracles, saving lives, stopping fevers, stopping infections - with nothing. If anyone can help Boozer, it's Addy.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

He thinks I don't know what he's up to, but I do. Skizzo didn't tell me about the antibiotics because he gives a damn about Boozer, no, he told me so I'd break Iron Mike's treaty with the Rippers, stir up trouble, maybe start a war he could finish. Let him think what he wants. I'd do anything I had to, if it would save Boozer's life.



  • The mission start time 6:30am. The mission ends at 7:30am. The weather is clear.