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Yeah? You ever lose an arm, Cope? Maybe when you do you'll find yourself wanting a bottle of whiskey — or two — or three. In the meantime, shut the hell up.

Numb The People is the fourth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about drugs and the government's role in spreading them.


Today I want to talk about drugs. Now, I don't much care for 'em. In 1996, the CIA was accused of dealing cocaine in Central America. Used it to help them control the masses, get the Feds' sticky fingers on a slice of the global pie. And once they figured out how well that shit worked, well — they decided to set their sights here at home — make drugs addicts of us good old American taxpayers. They brought cocaine up from South America by the planeload, barrels of the stuff, got us hooked on it, kept us complacent — kept us high — kept us under the heel of their rich boots. And oh, did they get profit from our misery. The Feds made millions to fund their secret operations, all while destroying the very heart and soul of this good country. But thankfully, at last, all that is in the past. At least for my people. Stay sober people. Stay alive.