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A brochure about the Old Pioneer Cemetery found in Cascade.


West of the Old Pioneer Cemetery Checkpoint, next to the gate leading into the Old Pioneer Cemetery. The brochure can be found sitting on the concrete wall.


Burial and Memorial Options
If you're looking to bury your loved ones here at the Old Pioneer Cemetery, we have multiple plots and memorial options available to you.

Plots come in singles and in pairs, and are priced based on location. We also have tombs and mausoleums available for above ground and family burial.

If you would like to celebrate the life of your one after they have passed, we offer memorial service packages as well. Let us handle the heavy lifting, while you mourn.

Our Standard Package includes:
- Celebration of Live
- Service from Our Staff
- Preparation of the Deceased
- Wake
- Church, Chapel, or Graveside Service

Our Deluxe Package includes:
- Everything in the Standard Package, PLUS
- Selection of Casket or Urn
- Customized Invitation Service
- Flower Service
- Processing of Government Permits and Paperwork

Looking for a Room? Call for rates & details.