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  On Herod's Birthday is a mission in Days Gone.


Deacon tracks down a NERO Field Research Team.


  • Ride to the location.
  • Place GPS tracker on NERO Helo.
  • Spy on the NERO researcher.
  • Return to your bike.


I Remember[]

I got O'Brian data from another NERO field op. I know he got the data because I could see it uploading. But when I tried to radio him to see what he's found out about Sarah, he said "I can't talk right now." If I don't hear from him, I warned him that I'd break more than his antennae, and I meant it.

Finding NERO[]

Yeah, news flash, Freakers build nests. I don't need a chopper and a white spacesuit to tell you that. The question is why? Why do they build them? NERO doesn't have the answer to that any more than I do. The difference between us is I don't care why the Freaks build them. I just want to burn them all to the ground.



  • The time is set at 8:00pm and does not change. The weather is light rain.