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Outlaw Memorial - "The Oregon Legend" is a historical marker collectible in Days Gone.


Historical Marker found in Marion Forks in the Belknap Wilderness.


The Oregon Legend (1849 - 1893) was an infamous outlaw and gunfighter of the American West. Infamous for his crimes, he was a hot blooded horse thief who shot and killed a local Deputy and wounded the County Sheriff while stealing horses from the indigenous people, thus sending him to prison. Later in his life, he cleaned up his act, leading him to gain fame for foiling a train robbery, which earned him a lifetime pass on the railroad. He loved to play pranks on others, and would often ride through the town drunk on the back of his horse, stealing as much as he could and paying back what was stolen once he sobered up. This hotel and saloon stills stands as one of the last locations where he drank while on the back of his horse, a local ruffian and legend.