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  Outta The Darkness is a mission in Days Gone.





Earning Our Keep[]

Sarah's been dead for over two years but thanks to O'Brian's bullshit, it feels like I just lost her yesterday. I don't think Rikki gets it, but I'm not ready for - anything. At least the lights are on. And the way Iron Mike was talking, maybe I've finally done enough to pay our way here, especially now that Boozer's strong enough to start doing shit on his own.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

Hey, I'm not going to lie. I thought about it, me and Rikki. She has this way about her, this passion for life. And she doesn't give up. On anyone. There was a moment there, between us. But here's the thing. To me? Sarah's not dead. Look, I know she's dead, has been, for a long time. But until I feel it? Rikki, or anyone else, isn't going to happen.

We've All Done Things[]

Like I've said before, Iron Mike yells a lot, he's got a big mouth, but he's got a big heart to go with it. He didn't have to let us back in, me and Boozer, but he welcomed us and gave me a chance to earn a place here. He also didn't have to thank me like that, for helping Rikki get the lights back on. But that's the kind of man Iron Mike is.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

During Iron Mike's speech I saw Skizzo skulking around, like he wasn't happy we got the lights back on, like he wanted to see me and Rikki fail even if it meant keeping everyone in the dark. I never know what to make of that guy. He seemed okay, helping get the explosives from the mine but then he wanted to turn on Iron Mike. Now this.



  • The mission ends at 8:05am, the weather is clear. The number of days increases by three during the missions "Better To Light One Candle" and "Outta The Darkness".
  • During a mission, the "Storylines", "Map", "Skills" and "Inventory" menus do not open (tested on PC).
  • After the mission, Deacon appears at his safehouse.