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The PPSh-41 is a primary weapon in the game Days Gone. It is a submachine gun that is modeled with a drum magazine.


Pp stats


A reasonable rate of fire and ammo capacity makes this an easier to control close range weapon.

Condition: Level 4 (Military Spec)
Damage 3 (Low)
Range: 9 (Very High)
Accuracy: 8 (High)
Rate of Fire: 10 (Maximum)
Penetration: 3 (Low)
Stopping Power: 2 (Very Low)
Magazine: 30-round box magazine (extended drum magazine).
Cost: 2250 credits


It is found at Wizard Island camp and unlocks at Trust level 1.


  • It is a lot like the real life PPSh-41. The magazine capacity is a bit off and it is depicted with a drum instead of a box magazine.
  • PPSh-41 stands for Pistolet Pulemyot Shpagina obrazets 1941 goda (Russian: "Shpagin-system Machine Pistol, model of year 1941"). It was inspired by the Finnish Suomi KP/-31 submachinegun the Soviets encountered in the Winter War, but was chambered for 7.62mm Tokarev [7.62 x 25mm] instead of 9mm Parabellum [9 x 19mm]. It used a 35-round box magazine or a 71-round drum magazine. It was replaced in 1943 by the simplified PPS-43 (Pistolet Pulemyot Sudayeva obrazets 1943 goda, Russian: "Sudayev-system machine pistol, model of year 1943"). The PPS used a different 35-round box magazine and couldn't use the PPSh's drum magazine.