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Patch 1.10 for Days Gone was released on June 6, 2019.

Official Description[]

Hey everyone! We are so excited to release Survival Difficulty Mode for free in this patch! Update to Patch 1.10 to receive this new difficulty mode along with a handful of fixes, adjustments, and new trophies.

Survival Difficulty Mode

  • Survival difficulty mode has been included in this latest patch
  • This mode includes an immersive HUD
  • Enemies will deal more damage
  • Fast Travel has been blocked in this mode
  • Survival Vision has been modified in this mode
  • Complete Survival difficulty mode for a new bike decal
  • Two new trophies have been added exclusive to this new difficulty mode

Progression Issues

  • Fixed the issue where players didn’t have access to the rock item during certain missions
  • Items that drop from Bounty jobs should now be acquirable after the target is taken out
  • Players should not be blocked from completing certain Bounty jobs
  • The mission cinematic for “There's Nothing You Can Do” will properly trigger
  • Resolved the issue with the knife in the mission “Sherman's Camp Is Crawling”

General Fixes

  • Added a tutorial pop-up screen for recovering your bike
  • Adjusted the reticle to be more visible when shooting
  • Fixed a player respawn issue in Old Farewell
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

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