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Pinnacles is a cut region in Days Gone, discovered following the 1.11 update. It was apparently intended to be visited by Deacon St. John, but both access points were blocked to prevent accessing the area. The reason it was cut is unknown.


Little is known about the region aside from that it lays east of Highway 97 and that it was home to at least one Encampment. According to the collectible Taylor - ''Delivery Boy'', Wade Taylor had apparently made a deal with the residents of the encampment to steal drugs from Wizard Island for them and had already sent at least one delivery.

Update: After the PC version was released data miners have discovered more about Pinnacle disappearance. The region originally had 5 locations.

Fort Klamath, Survivor camp, Cattle ranch, Farms, and Pot farms. These location have spots on the map of where pinnacle was.

Also in Act 4 there was a mission called "Taylor's black market". Not much known about this mission but Boozer, Iron Mike, Eddy Aqua, Deacon, and Taylor were involved. The only remnants of it are starting cutscenes. Eddy Aqua skeleton is still in the game but his model was never added in. A prototype of the region was built but never expanded on.



  • The region's name presumably comes from the 100 foot tall fossil fumaroles located in the Southeastern region of the Crater Lake National Park, for which the real world Pinnacles Trail, Pinnacles Road, and Pinnacle Valley are named.

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