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  Playing All Night is a mission in Days Gone.


Sneak into Ripper territory to steal antibiotics.


  • Ride to location.
  • Ride to the crash site.
  • Find the antibiotics.
  • Kill the Breaker.
  • Retrieve the Antibiotics
  • Get the Antibiotics back to your bike.
  • Ride back to Lost Lake.


He's My Brother[]

That was a shit show. I broke Iron Mike's treaty with the Rippers and was almost broken in half by a Breaker. But I found the antibiotics, enough for Boozer and anyone else in the camp who needs them. Yeah, Skizzo put me up to it. Doesn't matter. I'd have done it anyway. It was about saving my friend, not Skizzo's political bullshit.

Ripped Apart[]

If I don't get more antibiotics, Boozer will die. And the only place to get them is in Ripper territory. Iron Mike's not going to be happy when he finds out. And he's going to find out. Things got a little hot at the border. Guess the Rippers weren't too happy about me riding into their territory and helping myself. Not like I had a choice.



  • The mission start time 10:00pm. The mission ends at 10:30pm. The weather is heavy rain.
  • The breaker's first appearance in the game.