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  Price On Your Head is a mission in Days Gone.


Meet with Tucker and Alkali at the Hot Springs Encampment.


  • Find Tucker and Alkai.
  • Ride with Tucker.
  • Find Alkai.
  • Return to your bike.
  • Bring the drug stash to Tucker or to Copeland.


  • 4,000 XP
  • 5000 Trust (Hot Springs) + 5000 Trust (Hot Springs or Copeland's Camp)


Chasing Leon[]

I turned in Leon's proof of kill. Tucker didn't seem to mind that his hat was covered in blood. She can add it to the collection she keeps in her cabin. I didn't tell her that I would have tracked down Leon for free. He killed Alvarez. We rode with her, me and Boozer, even had her up to O'Leary Mountain a few times. She was alright. Don't deserve to go out like that.

Ripped Apart[]

And now I'm hearing it from Alkai. We have a price on our heads, me and Boozer, the Biker Boys, still flying colors at the end of the world. Rippers. You know what? The hell with them. If you see them? Tell them to come get us. I'll help them "get low," just as low as they want.



  • When Deacon buys or changes a weapon at Alkali's store, the previous weapon falls to the ground.
  • Mission start time 2:00pm, the mission ends no earlier than 4:30pm and no later than 5:00pm.