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  Prove It To Me is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride with Captain Kouri.


  • Ride with Captain Kouri.


An Officer And A Gentleman[]

He can ride a bike, this Militia captain, I'll give him that. Still don't know what to make of him. A slash and burn strategy? Makes sense, but is that how we beat the Freaks? Burning down the world? Building an army? Sure, if you got the right men willing to serve in it.

A Good Soldier[]

I have to give them credit. The Deschutes County Militia have their shit together. Building this fort is pretty impressive, takes a lot of hands and people who know what they're doing. These guys aren't just a mob of rednecks. They're training, learning how to fight. Captain Kouri, the guy leading the Diamond Lake outfit, seems legit. If I find out he stole my Mongrel's ring, going to be a shame to have to kill him.