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Free oregon
That's great, yeah — Radio Free Oregon is on the air once again. Oh God, what have I done?

Radio Free Oregon is a radio station based in Oregon. It is created and hosted by Mark Copeland, a survivalist and conspiracy theorist. The radio's segments contains Copeland's conspiracy-fueled and extreme libertarian beliefs, from his criticisms of the United States government, to claims of knowing about the Freaker outbreak and NERO, which turn out to be mostly correct. Copeland begins his program's tagline "This is Radio Free Oregon. The Truth Shall Set You Free" and ends with "Don't believe the lies."

Radio Free Oregon is randomly broadcast at certain points in Days Gone. After Copeland finishes his broadcast, Deacon St. John makes cynical and snarky rebuttals to Copeland's claims.


  1. NERO Death Camps
  2. It's All A Lie
  3. My Cold Dead Hands
  4. Numb The People
  5. Home Of The Free
  6. The Dead Can't Speak
  7. The Just Shall Not Starve
  8. Bunker Down
  9. Animals Don't Watch The Sky
  10. Global Conspiracy
  11. The Federal Ark
  12. The Black Helicopters
  13. They're Coming For Us
  14. The Advanced Guard
  15. Built To Last
  16. Traitors Shall Hang
  17. Cleanse Our Minds
  18. The Earth Is Ours
  19. Property Rights
  20. We Are Watching