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Reacher Running
Physical description
Gender Male

The Reachers are a type of Freaker in Days Gone. Mutant Swarmers, they are faster, smarter, and far more lethal than the average infected.


Towards the end of the game, O'Brian has Deacon locate a missing research team and take DNA samples from a mutant Freaker. Deacon is sent into a cave and finds the missing team, with all but one of the four members already dead. Deacon learns from the last one, Cooper, who is dying, that they were wiped out by a single Freaker, which the researcher calls the "Reacher." After passing away, O'Brian orders Deacon out of the cave, though the Reacher attacks him, forcing Deacon to take it out. After collecting a tissue sample from it, Deacon escapes from the cave as a horde comes charging into it.

They may also be encountered in the world afterwards.


Reachers are incredibly fast, O'Brian saying they have been clocked at 40mph. The Reacher will charge the player and attempt to maul them. They can take much more ballistic trauma than the average Freaker and also deal similar damage to a Breaker and Rager (Although they’re not as resilient as these two, having about half as much health).

Similar to Breakers, Reachers can launch Deacon back with a single hit, can resist flinching from certain melee and ballistic attacks, share some identical grapple animations, and have a narrow window of opportunity for an instant kill during a grapple. They also have a habit of retreating when taking sufficient damage and will attempt to ambush Deacon, similar to a cougar.

Like Breakers, It is possible to kill Reachers with a single headshot with a powerful enough weapon (Ex. The BMG). However this is a bit harder to do mid-combat due to their faster speed, smaller frame, and ability to retreat.