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Jesus - I remember Sarah telling me about that - should have paid more attention - we could have got out sooner.

Researcher Field Note - 0988 is a NERO Intel in Days Gone.


Six patients who went missing from the Farewell Medical Center turn up deep inside the Metolius Cave. Log Note: Dr. Anderson cites this as evidence of the first cases of Homo Sapiens Mutans Turba.



Lt. Owens (O.S.): Load 'em up. We don't wanna be in here all day — come on, let's go! Let's go! Stop, stop — it's falling — come on, watch what's you're doing — hey get a box over here, get that shit cleaned up. Wait, what are you doing? Okay, okay. Yeah. Now you got it. Let's move it.

Lt. Crawford: Field Note Zero Nine Eight Eight. I've cross-scanned all six medical bracelets and — we have a match. These are definitely the missing patients from the Farewell Medical Centre.

Sgt. Reyes: Jesus — good thing they didn't take their bracelets off — gonna be hard for their families to I.D. what's left of them.

Lt. Crawford: Thank you — yes — thank you for your rigorous scientific observations, can you go stand over there? And point that somewhere else.

Sgt. Reyes: I — I'm sorry Lieutenant, it's just. Why the hell would they stick together like this? How the hell — they make it this far? Wearin' nothing but these gowns? They're barefoot for Christ's sake —

Lt. Crawford: Sergeant —

Sgt. Reyes: — and why the hell'd they come all the way back in here? I mean how'd they even see what they were doin'?

Lt. Crawford: Sergeant —

Sgt. Reyes: No it's just — to tear themselves apart like this? It doesn't make any sense!

Lt. Crawford: I don't know. Let's — just get them back to the lab. They've set up a Mobile Medical Unit north of here, near the Belknap Tunnel. Take them there. Come on.

Cpl. Lane (O.S.): You and you, head back to the entrance, come on — move it.

Sgt. Reyes: Okay. Come on. Let's get 'em outta here. Move it, people.

Lt. Owens (O.S.): You heard 'em. Let's go. Move out! Move out!