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R n 2000
I guess Iron Mike was right — we still get a lot of tourists comin' up from California, it's just that they're hungrier and they ain't as picky about what they eat.

Researcher Field Note - 1005 is a NERO Intel in Days Gone.


Data is collected from Designated Site 812. Over 8000 Homo sapiens mutans turba have moved through the site since the last check.



BG Voice: This is unit thirteen checking in. Come back. — Come on, get them moving!

Cpl. Lane: You heard 'em, we're moving out. Come on, move it. Move it, move it.

Cpl. Esposito: They gonna blow this one?

Lt. Stewart: Not until we're done here. Field Note One Zero Zero Five. Collecting data from Site 812 — a bridge on Highway 97. Since we last checked the motion sensor — at oh eight hundred — three days ago — another eight thousand Homo sapiens mutans turba — have passed through the site.

Cpl. Esposito: That's a lotta Horde —

Lt. Stewart: Do you know how many people lived in California before the Event, Corporal?

Cpl. Esposito: No idea.

Lt. Stewart: Thirty nine point two five million. Now assume that fifty percent of those were killed, either by the virus or by their kind and considerate fellow men in the aftermath — that leaves us with, what, twenty million Homo sapiens mutans — give or take.

Cpl. Esposito: I don't follow you. What are you getting at?

Lt. Stewart: What I'm "getting at" is that ten thousand is a drop in the bucket — before this is over, there's going to be ten of thousands, hundreds of thousands — millions — of infected — coming right up this highway like an angry mob of cannibalistic penguins following a bloody trail to the sea.

Cpl. Esposito: Sir?

Lt. Stewart: Never mind, Corporal. Reset the motion sensor and let's get the hell outta here.