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Yeah, I'm with you Corporal - they shit everywhere, so follow the smell.

Researcher Field Note - 1833 is a NERO Intel in Days Gone.


Designated Site 217 — Dog Prairie Cave. Dr. Anderson's theory regarding pheromone trails is verified.



Cpl. Esposito: Hey Lieutenant, we're getting awfully close to them, aren't we?

Lt. Stewart: They're moving away, Corporal. It's eighteen hundred hours, dinnertime! They won't be back until morning. They're magnificent, aren't they?

Cpl. Esposito: Sure, if you say so.

Lt. Stewart: Field Note One Eight Three Three. We are at designated site Two One Seven, the Dog Prairie Cave — picking up sample collectors leading to and from the cave entrance —

Cpl. Esposito: Just follow the trail of shit, yeah?

Lt. Stewart: It's way more complicated than that. Early indications show that Dr. Anderson's theory regarding trail pheromones is correct. Homo sapiens mutans turba — or Horde, as the locals prefer — has evolved exocrine glands that produce a semi-viscous secretion transporting as yet unknown pheromones.

Cpl. Esposito: Gotta say, doc, you sound pretty excited.

Lt. Stewart: You don't get it — you know how ants, termites, bees — wasps — they all know where their nests are, how to find trails that lead to food —

Cpl. Esposito: Yeah — sure.

Lt. Stewart: How do they do it? Do you see little road signs everywhere? No, of course not. They do it through pheromones, Corporal — the same chemical processes that tell them not to tear each other apart.

Cpl. Esposito: So they shit everywhere, and follow the smell?

Lt. Stewart: Why do I bother? Come one, let's get these back to the lab.