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R n 2000


Research into Homo Sapiens mutans turba behavior at the High Desert Grotto confirms that they're mutating to a more nocturnal, primitive state.


Lt. Booth: Field Note Two Zero Zero Zero. After tracking a large moving group, estimated size of five to six hundred, we have confirmed the subjects' hibernation location at —

Cpl. Franklin: Hey doc, I see site twenty-three on the roster for tomorrow. That us?

Lt. Booth: No. That's O'Brian.

Cpl. Franklin: Got it.

Lt. Booth: Shit — where was I? We have confirmed the subjects' hibernation at — the High Desert Grotto, now designated site fifteen. Trampling of grasses and plants at the entrance and the presence of footprints, see attached photos, indicate the site has been used for some time.

Cpl. Franklin: Must be nice and cozy in there.

Lt. Booth: According to the motion sensor, planted by — Lieutenant O'Brian — approximately four hundred forty-seven subjects have entered the cave this morning. Recommend sending a follow-up team sometime after nineteen hundred hours to assess the cave's interior and further assess conditions. Note to Dr. Anderson — your theory about the subjects devolving to a primitive state of nocturnal behavior is seeming more appealing all the time. End report.

Cpl. Franklin: Not going inside?

Lt. Booth: Didn't you hear me? Over four hundred subjects. And these aren't just your regular, run-of-the-mill Freaks — these are Stage Three.

Cpl. Franklin: But they're sleeping like babies. And I asked if you were going in — didn't say I was.

Lt. Booth: These subjects are not sleeping, they're hibernating. Ever woken up a hibernating bear?

Cpl. Franklin: No.

Lt. Booth: Ever woken up a hibernating Freak?

Cpl. Franklin: Yeah, actually. I was one of the survivors at the White King Mine.

Lt. Booth: Jesus.

Cpl. Franklin: Saw one tear my buddy apart, like it was peeling a banana. These suits? Protect you from a lot of shit. But not them.

Lt. Booth: Holy shit, Corporal. Jesus, I'm — I'm sorry.

Cpl. Franklin: That mission was FUBAR from the start.

Lt. Booth: Which is why we — are not going inside there.

Cpl. Franklin: Think if I sealed up this cave, we'd, I don't know — knock down their population?

Lt. Booth: I don't know Corporal. Lotta caves out here. Come on. Let's get out of here.