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A survey of infected subject nesting sites has been completed. Researchers have a theory as to why nesting sites are restricted to buildings and other structures.



Lt. Booth: Field note two zero six zero - We've now completed the survey of twenty-four nesting sites, including those at Marion Forks, the Pioneer Cemetery, the Cascade Highway lumber site, the truck stop on the Old Belknap Road - what's that called again?

Cpl. Franklin: Ah, Crazy Willie's -  

Lt. Booth: Yes, very rustic and touristy - some things about the old world I don't miss - Crazy Willie's, south of the Belknap Crater.

Cpl. Franklin: I got a question doc.

Lt. Booth: Sure, it's not like I'm busy or anything.

Cpl. Franklin: The nests - why do they build them?

Lt. Booth: We don't know.

Cpl. Franklin: Why do they only build them in, you know, buildings, structures, cabins - things like that?

Lt. Booth: We have a theory that -

Cpl. Franklin: I mean, we never see 'em where wild animals would build them, in trees, or out in the wilderness. Only houses.

Lt. Booth: You finished?

Cpl. Franklin: Yeah, sorry.

Lt. Booth: The guys back at the lab have a theory, I'm sure when they're ready to talk about it, they'll come rushing down to the barracks to let you know.

Cpl. Franklin: Jesus - just asking. I see things too, you know. I wasn't always a grunt you know.

Lt. Booth: Can I continue?

Cpl. Franklin: Sure.

Lt. Booth: - south of Belknap Crater. Some areas of the Belknap wilderness were not surveyed due to the proximity of nesting sites to human encampments - in particular a large camp at -

Cpl. Franklin: Salome Hot Springs -

Lt. Booth :  Ah yes - "Salome". "On Herod's birthday, she danced before them, whereupon he promised with an oath, to give her whatsoever she would ask. She said: Give me the head of John the Baptist. And the king was struck sad." Quite the name for a resort.

Cpl. Franklin: No shit.

Lt. Booth: Again, some things about the old world - I don't miss.