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R n 2000


Morphology of Stage Two of the virus shows that it spreads through the lymph system. Speculation that the virus is bioengineered.



Lt. Booth: Field note two zero six four - I am examining a male subject, approximately 44 years of age of infection. In addition to exhibiting the morphology consistent with Stage Two virus -

Cpl. Franklin: Hey doc.

Lt. Booth: Yeah?

Cpl. Franklin: I never got that.

Lt. Booth: Got what?

Cpl. Franklin: The whole Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three thing.

Lt. Booth: What do you mean?

Cpl. Franklin: I mean, the virus is what it is, right?

Lt. Booth: No, it's more complicated than that. Now let me -

Cpl. Franklin: Okay - I know, I'm a grunt. Before the Freakshow? I was a biology major - just gimme the gist.

Lt. Booth: Really?

Cpl. Franklin: Try me.

Lt. Booth: Okay - we don't really know. But blood tests show - the current evidence suggests that the virus spreads through the lymph system, reproducing and attacking cells on a catastrophic scale -

Cpl. Franklin: Attacking -

Lt. Booth: More precisely, expressing a series of normally dormant protooncogenes in to an active state.

Cpl. Franklin: Cancer.

Lt. Booth: Look at him. Look at all of them. That look like cancer to you?

Cpl. Franklin: Well -  maybe a really bad -

Lt. Booth: No, no, no -  this is something far worse.

Cpl. Franklin: Whaddya mean?

Lt. Booth: This virus is on a mission. The Freaks are what they are, because the virus wants them that way -

Cpl. Franklin: What are you saying?

Lt. Booth: I'm saying - Jesus -  what am I saying?

Cpl. Franklin: Terrorism? You're saying this was deliberate?

Lt. Booth: I don't know.