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R n 2000


Infected subjects retaining jewelry and other personal items provide evidence that they retain some level of vestigial memory.



Lt. Booth: Field note two zero six eight - Another subject exhibiting the morphology of Stage Two infection. Tendons in the hands and fingers are less constricted, fingernails less clawlike, as if recently chewed. Additionally, the subject is wearing jewellery and clothing less tattered and worn that -

Cpl. Franklin: Hey, sorry. Couldn't help overhearing.

Lt. Booth: Ah, the gun-toting biology major. Cpl. Franklin: Yeah. Something like that. So it's wearing jewellery - what's the significance of -

Lt. Booth: These things have been out here for two years, scratching and clawing at us and each other.

Cpl. Franklin: Yeah?

Lt. Booth: Try putting a gold watch on a baboon for two years, set it loose in the wild, and see what happens to it.

Cpl. Franklin: Okay - I get your point.

Lt. Booth: This watch looks new.

Cpl. Franklin: Really? So-

Lt. Booth: So that means this subject has either been taking care of it, or has recently -

Cpl. Franklin: - recently put it on - holy shit. I thought they were all, you know -

Lt. Booth: Batshit crazy? Yeah, they are. But just as some late stage dementia patients could still have moments of lucidity - victims of Stage Two virus infection seem to retain some level of vestigial memory.

Cpl. Franklin: No shit.

Lt. Booth: No shit. Look at its clothes.

Cpl. Franklin: They're -

Lt. Booth: Almost clean - right? I mean not clean. But most Freaks are so caked with shit and piss -

Cpl. Franklin: Yeah. It's disgusting.

Lt. Booth: Yeah well, again, put a pair of pants on a baboon for two years -

Cpl. Franklin: Jesus.

Lt. Booth: You ever wonder why there's so many Freaks in areas where people used to live?

Cpl. Franklin: Never thought about it. But yeah, I guess they do -

Lt. Booth: Yeah. We think there might still be something - buried deep in their massively deformed heads - that remembers what they once were.

Cpl. Franklin: Jesus - you don't think they're aware of -

Lt. Booth: No, no. We've done the CT scans. They might as well be brain dead - in human terms.

Cpl. Franklin: What's that mean?

Lt. Booth: I don't know. That's what we're here to find out.