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  Riders Sent To Find You is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride to the Lost Lake Encampment.


  • Ride with Iron Mike's Bikers.
  • Ride to the Lost Lake Encampment.


Ripped Apart[]

Like I said, Skizzo, how'd I ever trust that sonofabitch? At least now I know how his "parley" with the Rippers went. He made a deal with Carlos, turn over the Mongrels, the Biker Boys, in exchange for peace with Lost Lake. But now he's learning what he should have already known. You can't trust "Carlos." Ever.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Skizzo brought the Rippers down on us, on the Lost Lake camp, on Rikki and Addy. On Boozer. When I find him, I'm going to kill him.

Keep Them Safe[]

Damn Rippers. Carlos wasn't lying. He's led an army of Rippers to Lost Lake, looking for Boozer. I can see the flames from here. If they hurt Boozer I'm going to kill them all. And when I get my hands on Skizzo? I'm going to kill him with my bare hands.



  • The mission start time 4:00am. The mission ends at 6:00am. The weather is clear.