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Riding With Deacon is the fourth of Sarah's Lab Notes. It is automatically rewarded in Just Another Acquisition Form.


Sarah's lab notes about getting the centrifuge from Chemult Community College, and her progress on her experiments.


Lab note two zero nine. I finally have a centrifuge. Oh, God, this is going to speed up my work so much. Deacon — he has — no idea. No idea. Now if I only had a DNA sequencer, I — okay, wait. Stop — first things first.

Alright, so I've extracted the nucleic acid from a sample of the virus. Placing it into a mixture of phenol chloroform — and this should — well — will — kill the virus — hopefully — and separate the nucleic acid from the protein shell.

I was only sort of kidding when I told Matt to keep an armed guard outside my tent in case — well — in case I got infected. God, if an infected subject got loose inside these walls? Well — that would be a hell of an experiment, wouldn't it?

So, the centrifuge — I went with Deacon out into the shit and it was — it was really strange riding with him again. I still remember the day we met, way out on some backwater road, near the church where we — well — that was a long time ago.

He remembered it too, though. The day we met. How I almost shot myself trying to scare off those assholes. Deacon and — he said I'd changed. I told him a lot's changed. I wish — I could tell him how much.

Oh, shit — you hear that? The centrifuge is almost done. Cross your fingers. Once I have a DNA sequencer, I am gonna be so close — so close.