Rikki Patil is a major character, a mission giver and a primary ally featured in Days Gone.

Rikki is one of Iron Mike's most trusted people. She is a former riding buddy of protagonist Deacon St. John and Boozer, and helps them rejoining Iron Mike's Camp. She is the romantic partner of Addison Walker.


Rikki was raised by her father along with her two older brothers outside of Portland. Her father knew how to fix cars and other devices, and when she was seventeen, her father got her a job at Boeing. By the time of the outbreak, Rikki was in school part time to become a mechanical engineer. As the world was ending, Rikki returned to her home only to find that her father and brothers were all gone and presumed dead.[1]

At some point, Rikki rode with Boozer and Deacon St. John before she settled down at Iron Mike's settlement, determining to help Mike in restoring civilization. She became good friends with fellow survivor, Addison Walker, eventually forming a romantic relationship with her.



  • Rikki is bisexual, as she is in a romantic relationship with Addy, but also has romantic feelings for Deacon.


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