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Physical description
Gender Female
In-game information
Voiced by Nishi Munshi

Rikki Patil is a main character in Days Gone. She is a survivor of the Freaker outbreak and the second-in-command of Iron Mike's Camp.

She is a former companion of Deacon St. John and Boozer, and is the romantic partner of Addison Walker.



Rikki was born in the late 1980's and lived in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon. As a child, she was raised by her father Krishna alongside her two elder brothers. Her father was knowledgeable in repairing vehicles and was aided by her brothers, which inspired Rikki to pursue a career in engineering.

At the age of 17, her father got her employment at the aerospace company Boeing, while at the same time she studied part-time in school to become a mechanical engineer. As an adult, she worked in the city, enjoyed couch surfing and returned home for the weekends.

Post Apocalypse[]

On the day of the outbreak, Rikki was a hundred miles away from home and by the time she arrived back to her house everyone was gone and presumed dead.[1]

The roads were blocked up all the way down to the coast with Willamette Valley practically being a warzone. At some point, Rikki first met Boozer and Deacon St. John after helping them fight off a band of Keermeejies in Tumalo. She rode with them until settling down at Iron Mike's settlement, determined to help Mike in restoring civilization. Rikki became good friends with fellow survivor, Addison Walker, eventually forming a romantic relationship with her. Rikki reluctantly parted ways with Deacon and Boozer after the former had a falling out with Iron Mike over his pacifistic ways. She also formed a severe dislike for Raymond 'Skizzo' Sarkozi after she found him hiding outside her and Addy's cabin when they were "bathing," threatening to kill him if he was caught doing it again.

She reconnected with Deacon after he rescues Lisa Jackson from a group of Rippers and asks her to take her to Lost Lake, away from Ada Tucker and the Hot Springs.

Deacon's Return[]

Y'know, when you brought me that girl, I thought you'd changed. You clearly haven't.
Rikki Patil to Deacon, on his attempted thievery.

One evening, as Addy and Rikki return to the lost lake infirmary, they surprise Deacon St John, who was attempting to steal antibiotics to cure Boozer's blood poisoning. Rikki disarms and prepares to kill Deacon for the attempted thievery, expressing her disappointment and anger, when Addy notices that it was antibiotics and not narcotics that Deacon was attempting to steal. Deacon explains his situation and Addy orders him to bring Boozer in, disregarding Rikki's protests. Rikki then accompanies Deacon to the lodge and speaks up for him when Skizzo attempts to throw Deacon and Boozer out of the camp. Rikki and Skizzo proceed to argue with each other over the matter as Deacon talks with Iron Mike.

Getting the Power Back On[]

  • I've seen Rippers before, but not like that. What were they amped up on?
  • Back in the day, I dealt with a few tweakers who acted like that. I think they're on PCP, or whatever that other shit is.
Rikki Patil and Deacon St John, on the erratic behavior of a gang of Rippers.

Rikki enlists Deacon's help for getting the power back on at Lost Lake, rescuing him from Skizzo when Skizzo attempts to rope him into clean up duty. She asks him to help out with getting the power back after losing a man when the respirator shut down. They ride north to the Dam and clear out the turbines, and then clearing out Freaker nests in the control room.

However, Rippers appear soon after they get back up. Rikki attempts to defuse the situation by telling the Rippers they were from Iron Mike's camp, but the Rippers didn't listen and opened fire, nearly killing Rikki. Rikki then assists Deacon in removing the Rippers from the area. She then finds a guide on what Deacon and Boozer looked like, written by Carlos. She then questions Deacon knowing about it, but he denies all knowledge of it.

Rikki then rides south with Deacon to check the power lines, questioning him about him joining the Mongrels MC. They then come across the one broken power post, but Deacon insists they move on and fix it in the morning. She then shows him around the Old Sawmill and the stationary horde that took up refuge there.

Eventually, she puts together a blade arm for boozer in order to make him combat-efficient again.

The Attack on Lost Lake and Deacon's Plan[]

  • I thought you said you would stay inside!
  • I just heard people dying, and I just not couldn't do anything about it.
Rikki Patil and Addison Walker

Rikki is next seen facing down the Ripper holding Addy at knife point during the attack on Lost Lake when Iron Mike negotiates a ceasefire with Carlos. She then shares a moment with Addy.

Rikki then checks the explosive stores before realising Deacon has stolen them and confronts him in his cabin about his intent with the explosives. He then shares his plan with her, and despite her misgivings about it, she lets them go.

She confronts Deacon on leaving later on when he heads south, expressing her disappointment in him before assuring him that Boozer will have a place at Lost Lake while he rides south.
== Gear == Rkki wears a blue button up shirt under a green army jacket, and blue jeans tucked into high riding boots. She wears her hair up in a bun, and carries both a 9mm and machete.



  • Rikki is bisexual, as she is in a romantic relationship with Addy, but also has romantic feelings for Deacon.
  • According to concept art, Rikki's last name was originally Alvarez, a name which was reused for a different character.


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