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The Rippers are the scourge of Oregon. A loosely organised Cult, their bloody and horrifying practices make them the nightmares of survivor settlements throughout the Belknap Wilderness. Reckless, dangerous, and above all willing to break all moral conventions, they are some of the most dangerous human enemies out there. Be on the lookout for their bonfires and watch for Snipers.
Unknown Player, on the Ripper organisation.

The Rest In Peace Cult, better known as Rippers, is an antagonistic faction featured in Days Gone. An insane cult who worship the Freakers, they were reckless and drugged cultists that attacked anything in sight, becoming one of the most feared groups in Oregon. However, they made an enemy that would ultimately lead to their downfall.


When the world blew up, Cults started showing up out of nowhere - Anarchists, Keermejjes, the Coyote Pack, and others too small to name... The reason we rode south was to get away from all that. The Anarchists were already here, and once they were done, the Rippers came in right behind them.
Deacon St John, explaining how he became aware of RIP.

The Rest in Peace Cult, more commonly known as Rippers, are a group of uninfected human enemies that worship both the Freakers and the outbreak itself, believing that to become Infected is a gift that all should strive towards becoming. They also believe that civilization and any vestiges of it are blasphemous, and thus typically torture and kill other humans they come across, especially those who refuse to join them.

The roots of the Rest In Peace Cult, better known as R.I.P, can be found with its founder, Jessie Williamson. A disgraced ex-member of the Mongrels MC excommunicated over the murder of a fellow MC member after being caught by Deacon St John and William Gray, Jessie searched for meaning in life after, severely traumatised at the hands of Deacon and Boozer, when he found Carlos Dominic. Carlos converted him to the cult, and when he died, Jessie took on his name and identity, becoming the enigmatic leader of R.I.P.

The Rest In Peace cult recruited heavily among the civilian population of Oregon during the early days of the outbreak, not unnoticed by NERO. They recruited heavily amongst those who had lost everything and found good recruits there amongst both locals and refugees who lost everything in the Freaker outbreak. However, they were fiercely resisted in their original set-up by the Anarchists, which had moved in and were enjoying their status as feared bandits. They were not keen on the new arrivals, leading to a number of pitched fights between both groups. When the Anarchists collapsed and fled to rebuild their numbers, the Rippers settled in, terrorising Lost Lake, Cascade, and Belknap with their sigils and torture methods.

Deacon St John and William 'Boozer' Gray had survived the initial outbreak and encountered the Rippers just over a year from when the game picks up, near Crazy Willie's. Surprised at the sight of people who shot back instead of fleeing, the Rippers fled. The second time they encountered the Rippers was up at Horse Lake, where they had been torturing a man to attract freakers, killing them all. The third time they encountered them was at one of their bonfires, in the Belknap region. The last time they were encountered was at the Iron Butte Pass checkpoint, where Deacon and Boozer had to kill a few to make it to the Hot Springs Camp.

Around a year later, Jessie learned that Deacon and Boozer were still alive. Enraged by the fact his enemies were still alive and kicking, he gave his followers orders to capture and torture them on sight.


The words of Carlos teach us - to be free, we must get Low! We must follow the Path. We must cut away ourselves. I heard the founder speak! Carlos- the first of us, and the last. Tremble at his voice, while he showed me the Path. My scars cut me free. The scars show me the path. The scars cut away my name. I am Found! The lost must be brought low. We must find them, show them the path. Only We can show them the way!
A Ripper in the Belknap caves, expressing his conviction in the ideology of RIP.

From a distance, Rippers are hard to distinguish from Freakers. All members shave their heads, and ritualistically mutilate their own bodies with scars and burns adorning the acronym 'RIP' and other symbols on their bodies.

Their religion is centred around the idea of Freakers as the next step in human evolution. They also espouse the idea of being 'one mind' - letting adherents give themselves over to the cult in order to forget what they lost. All members shave their heads, and ritually scar and mutilate themselves whilst under the influence of PCP in order to become adherents of RIP. Rippers will often use torture in order to convert recruits or survivors to their cause.

They seem to espouse a dichotomic relationship with the outside world with machiavellian ideals- they believe they are the righteous ones and seek to show others The Path (By torturing others in order to convince them of RIP's ideology), whilst using old-world weapons and protective equipment in order to spread their word.

Additionally, this can be seen in their base - the Iron Butte Golf Resort, as well as smaller Ripper ambush camps in Iron Butte and the Belknap. They are built like Freaker nests, with twigs, rubble, and primitive torches, made with wood and barbed wire, around the human structures. They also do not use full ballistic vests like Marauders or the Militia, instead using PCP in order to boost their bodies and dull their reaction to pain. This saves resources, but at the cost of making their followers incredibly reckless.

Rippers worship the Freakers, believing them to be the next step in human evolution. Not only will they not attack Freakers, they will kneel before them, sacrificing themselves so that the Freaker may eat.



Got hit hard last night. Rippers again.

Mark Copeland to Deacon St John.

The Rippers had not established a presence in Cascades, but periodically sent raiding parties to harass the camp of Mark Copeland. They struck at least twice prior to the hunt for Leon, which left some of Copeland's camp seriously injured. Carlos additionally sent up 1 group led by a Veteran Rusher and Veteran Grunt to form a small camp at Horse Lake (Hear About a Ripper Camp? Quest) (Horse Lake Search Party) which moved in and began setting up Ripper sigils and ambushes in the area. However, these parties were exterminated by Deacon St. John, and Carlos withdrew his troops temporarily.

However, when Deacon St John and Rikki Patil ventured to the Cascade Hydro Dam, they were noticed by a large group of Rippers led by a Tank and supported by multiple Veteran Assaults and Rushers, who followed them up to the dam. They subsequently engaged the duo despite Rikki's attempts to broker a temporary ceasefire after noticing Deacon St John was the man Carlos had directed them to find. Despite numbering over a dozen and bringing massive firepower, they were wiped out by the pair, and clues relating to the identity of Carlos began to emerge, thanks to Rikki finding the information card that Carlos had given the leader of the group in order to identify St John. (The fact that Carlos knew that Deacon was a Mongrels Biker Gang member and belonged to the Farewell Original Chapter meant that Carlos was someone who was intimately familiar with the Mongrels. That meant he was either a resident of Farewell, Oregon OR a Mongrels Farewell Chapter member)


Rippers. This morning. One of my men spotted a large group of them riding over the pass... I can't be in two places at once! You either want me here, running the dig - Or you want me out in the shit, chasing the Rippers.

Alkai Turner to Ada Tucker about where to prioritise food supply or stopping Ripper Attacks.
One of my men escaped a Ripper Camp, over by Iron Butte. Got tortured, like they always do. But this time they kep asking him about two bikers, two men, asking if he'd ever seen 'em or heard of 'em.... The Ripper called 'em Mongrels. How many Drifters still flying colours around here, as if that shit matters any more?
Alkai Turner to Deacon St John, about the Ripper attempts to locate him and William 'Boozer' Gray.

The Rippers terrorised Belknap substantially more than the other areas, focusing on the Salome Hot Springs Camp. They controlled the Black Crater Ambush Camp (Led by an Elite Assault and backed by a large number of Veteran Assaulters, Riflemen, and Rushers) from which they sprung ambushes on the Old Belknap Road. They also controlled the Iron Butte Pass NERO checkpoint, allowing them to regulate traffic in the south of the Belknap. Additionally, they had a large base in the Belknap cave system, where they bought the survivors of their surprise raid on the Hot Springs.

A crew of Rippers led by a Veteran Brawler surprised William 'Boozer' Gray at Crazy Willie's (Crazy Willie's Crew) and tortured him on the orders of Carlos (The fact that the Ripper leading the Crazy Willie's Crew addressed Boozer as 'Biker Man' rather than 'The Lost' suggested that his torture was a personal grudge rather than Rippers trying to export their beliefs). Soon afterwards, a Ripper search party rode to Marion Forks, led by two Veteran Assaults and a Sniper, to find a survivor (Lisa Jackson) who had been spotted in the area (Marion Forks Search Party - Mission It's Not Safe Here). They crossed the path of Deacon St. John, who proceeded to single-handedly massacre the search party. Additionally, Deacon snuck into the Ripper base at the Belknap cave system in search of Lisa Jackson, who had been kidnapped during a raid on the Hot Springs (Belknap Crater Cave System Crew -Mission What Have They Done) killing a large number of Rippers, including their Elite Assault Leader and a large number of Veterans, in the process.

After losing the Checkpoint, the Black Crater Camp, and the Cave System, Carlos sent a small force of 10 Rippers (Bear Creek Crew) to secure the entrance to Belknap (Rippers, Rest in Hell) and to begin scouting the Hot Springs for another attack (A Score To Settle). After this crew was wiped out by St John, Carlos held the pass, but refused to send any more forces north for fear of losing them to either Marauders, the Hot Springs, or Deacon St John.


I mean bullshit, I was there. Half that cargo hold's already been looted. Tracks from the crash site all held south. You know - I've been dealing with the fuckin' Rippers for months, you can't trust a goddamn thing they say!
Deacon St John to Rikki Patil as they argue over whether Carlos will honor the terms of the Peace Treaty.
This is the deal, Carlos. And it's the only one you're getting! You take your people, and you get the Hell out of Lost Lake. Or we all die right here, right now.
—'Iron' Mike to Carlos, making it clear he will not hand over Deacon and Boozer to Rest In Peace.

The Rippers had been present in Lost Lake, regularly sending in raiding parties through the Iron Butte Tunnel and the passage north of Camp Pioneer regularly. However, with the signing of the Peace Treaty, Carlos' forces pulled back and fortified the tunnel and passage, distrustful of the Lost Lake Survivors. This was later affirmed after Deacon St John broke into Ripper territory looking for antibiotics through the Camp Pioneer Passage.

After Deacon was turned over to Carlos by Skizzo, they rode to Lost Lake, killing a number of survivors and capturing William 'Boozer' Gray. During the ceasefire and subsequent standoff, Skizzo pleaded with Mike to respect the terms of his agreement, but was derailed when Deacon arrived and nearly killed him. Iron Mike refuses to hand over Deacon and Boozer to Carlos, threatening them to leave Lost Lake or have a repeat of the Sherman's Camp massacre. This successfully forces Carlos to back down, losing both Deacon and Boozer, as well as a large number of Rippers killed by either the Lost Lake survivors or DSJ.


A curious group of Drifters has been spotted moving down Highway 97 - evidently they came over the Thielsen Pass, which i thought to be impassable. Our patrol reported they were scarred - the letters R.I.P carved into their foreheads. Have you heard of anything like this?
Colonel Matthew Garret to Corporal Deacon St John, about the spotting of a large Ripper party on Highway 97. (Determinate)
Carlos ain't Resting In Peace - he's feeding the fucking freaks!
Corporal Deacon St John taunting the Highway 97 Ripper Crew about his besting of Carlos in CQC.

After the loss of the Iron Butte Golf Resort and the death of Carlos at the hands of Deacon, a number of Rippers fled east, north and west, but the largest group fled south. Led by an Elite Brawler, they set up camp along Highway 97, drawing the attention of the Wizard Island Encampment (Colonel Garret/James Weaver depending on story progress), who feeds it down to Deacon St John. Deacon launches a surprise attack on the Ripper Encampment, killing all present.

Members and Tactics[]

We are Found! You can join us, brother. Come out from the darkness and the shadow. We are Found. We have found the way! Join us, and be one with us!
A Ripper making a recruitment pitch to a hiding survivor.

The Rippers were lead by a man named Carlos, who they saw as their wise, unquestioned leader.

None of the other Rippers have names, as they have all willingly gave up their identities to become a singular entity. Lisa was temporarily a member of the Rippers, though she had a change of heart upon finding Deacon after he was tortured by Carlos.

According to Deacon's appraisal, the Rippers have a sizable numerical advantage over other survivor groups. He estimates that Carlos' army consists of at least a few hundred and possibly more than a thousand individuals, while the total population of Copeland's Camp, the Hot Springs, and Lost Lake combined is likely less than 100. Their sheer numbers accounts for how the Rippers can remain a formidable force despite their individually reckless tactics and lack of self-preservation instinct.

Likely due to their usage of PCP and Bath Salts, Rippers can survive more damage in combat compared to other bandit groups such as Marauders or Anarchists. It takes about 8 boot knife swings to kill a Marauder/Anarchist, while it takes about 13 swings to kill a Ripper. Ripper Heavies/Tanks likewise have more health compared to Marauder Heavies/Tanks.


Rippers' belief system is that they have nothing to lose, and they fight that way, carelessly using cover and weapons that inflict self-harm. Rippers have an extremely aggressive close-range combat style, attacking more recklessly than Marauders or the Militia, often shooting wildly without aiming in long bursts, disregarding cover entirely, or simply charging straight at opponents regardless of their weaponry. Most of their units are close range, or have a close range weapon such as a shotgun, pistol, blade or axe.


Ambushes are usually composed of a few Regular Rippers overseen by a Veteran Brawler or Rusher, who gives the attack order once either the survivor has triggered the clothesline trap or been successfully hit by the Sniper. The Black Crater Camp is usually overseen by an Elite- either a Brawler, Assaulter, or Tank - backed up by several Veteran Rippers that act as Lieutenants.

Iron Butte

Ambushes in the Iron Butte Region are usually composed of 2-3 Regular Ripper Brawlers or Grunts overseen by 1 or 2 Elite Brawlers, supported by either a Sniper or a clothesline trap depending on the ambush type. The key difference with ambushes in Iron Butte is that they are led by Elites, who use heavier melee weapons such as Fire Axes and Sledgehammers rather than the Machetes and Ripper blades favoured by lower ranking members, and they often have bomber or sniper support, who can be lethal to players already disoriented by a clothesline trap or Sniper Attack.


Rippers also possess impressive stocks of equipment, considering their resources. Their sheer numbers and access to gear including melee weapons, shotguns, pistols, bolt-action rifles, assault rifles, snipers, and other heavy weaponry makes them a difficult group to fight head on, especially in large numbers.

  • Lower ranked members are equipped with melee weapons and low-grade pistols, shotguns, or rifles.
  • Higher-ranking members use assault rifles or snipers, as well as LMGs.
  • Additionally, they have some utility equipment.
  • Regulars wear a simple belt around their shoulder to hold their weapons, or have no other equipment at all.
  • Veterans have Gunslinger rigs with ammo pouches, similar to Marauders, and have somewhat better accuracy and health to them.
  • Elites are rare, but can be sighted via the white PCP powder on their skin, and the red dye on their heads.
  • They are significantly stronger than the average Ripper and are much quicker to react, and carry heavier weaponry such as advanced melee weapons, SAF assault rifles, or MG45 LMGs.


  • However, they lack access to body armour of any type, and only occasionally use helmets, which appear to be withheld for use by the most experienced Rippers.
  • They also are heavily dependent on PCP for use in combat and in recreation, rendering them less observant when not in combat.
  • They also lack access to military equipment such as gas masks or stun grenades (Flashbangs), reducing their combat effectiveness.


I get the feeling these guys are entry level for a reason. They can't aim, and sure as hell can't fight at close range. These guys and pistols just don't pair well.
Unknown player

Grunts are Rippers, tasked with initiating new members and supply runs. They lack training, relying on constant gunfire to succeed.

Strategic Data

  • Ripper Grunts are standard enemies, who use numbers and reckless tactics to close the distance.
  • Grunts co-ordinate with assaulters to pin down enemies with sustained fire to allow opportunities for other Rippers.
  • Highly common Ripper encountered at Ambushes, Missions, and Strongholds.

Interesting, these guys. I honestly would've thought they were more common fighting - they can rally other Rippers, and they can aim - considering they're wacked out on PCP, that's a miracle. Carlos probably doesn't want them causing trouble. The last thing he wants is a power struggle.
Unknown player

Assaulters are cautious fighters, but are completely insane. Many are Ripper assistants, or spend their time worshipping Freakers,

Strategic Data

  • Standard enemies armed with assault rifles that attempt to pin down opponents for CQC experts.
  • They wear no armour and are easily killed by concentrated gunfire or grenades.
  • Veterans reload faster, have quicker reflexes, and are harder to stun.
  • Elites are even quicker, much stronger, and are immune to most stunning methods.
  • Common in camps, but very rare in ambushes.

The Rippers have always been about finishing off a fight no matter what it does to them. Look at these guys. They're all zealots. Difference is with these guys? They use blades instead of words to convert people.
Unknown player

Ripper Brawlers are aggressive and reckless, charging in an attempt to force players into a corner. They rely heavily on surprise, and many are PCP users.

Strategic Data

  • Brawlers are aggressive melee troops who charge in an attempt to get close.
  • Most wear no armour and are easily killed.
  • However, they can be fatal if caught off guard, or distracted by other enemies.
  • Most common enemy encountered at clothesline or burning car ambushes.
  • Elites swing their weapons harder, are quicker to recover, and take less time to complete a fatal grapple.

You think Marauders are batshit? Think again. How high do you have to be to strap Molotovs to yourself... Then set yourself on fire? I think these guys have legitimate brain damage.
Unknown player

Bombers are aggressive enemies that attempt to catch players off guard. Many are found listening to propaganda in their final hours.

Strategic Data

  • Special enemy type unique to the Rippers.
  • Ripper Bombers attempt to suicidally charge players and burn them to death whilst sacrifiicing their own life.
  • Rare throughout Oregon, and are commonly found in camps and important attacks as early warning troops.
  • Not found often and possess no armour.
  • Vulnerable to headshots however.

I'm not surprised that the Rippers use these weapons - they fight like they have nothing to lose, and have a focus on close-range combat. Just watch them in an ambush, and you'll see why - they fight like absolute lunatics.
Unknown player

Rushers are aggressive and drugged up enemies. Many are heavy PCP users and legitimately believe they are on the Path.

Strategic Data

  • Lightly armoured units armed with shotguns that charge in to attack enemies at close range.
  • Common - they often lead sniper attacks in Oregon.
  • Similar to Marauder Rushers in terms of functionality.
  • Can look very similar to other Rippers - don't mistake them for Assaulters.

Not good that the Rippers got their hands on these - they're already enough trouble without long-range weaponry.
Unknown player

Riflemen are cautious fighters, who use their rifles carefully. Many are scouts and monitor enemy operations.

Strategic Data

  • Standard enemies armed with rifles that attempt to gain high ground and take opportunistic shots.
  • They wear only light armour and are easily killed by concentrated gunfire or grenades.

Kill on sight. The worst thing to do is to shoot someone from a quarter of a mile away without them even knowing you're there. I hate these guys.
Unknown player

Snipers are usually ex-hunters and teach other members how to shoot. They serve as scouts and ambushers for Ripper camps.

Strategic Data

  • Standard enemies armed with Sniper Rifles that attempt to pin down opponents.
  • They wear only light armour and are easily killed by concentrated gunfire or grenades.
  • Very powerful rifles and can easily kill if player is careless.
  • Common in ambushes, e.g in a tree.
  • Often found in Ripper Watchtowers.

I would say these guys are imbeciles... but they're not. I once saw a marauder fire a point blank shotgun blast into one of these guys, and he just shot her down and kept firing like he didn't even notice. How drugged up do you have to be for that level of mentally screwed?
Unknown player

Armoured units are powerful soldiers who rally and provide orders to their squad. They generally serve as spiritual guides and assistants to Carlos.

Strategic Data

  • Armoured enemies armed with LMGs that attempt to pin down opponents for other Rippers to use their abilities.
  • They wear no body armour, but are exceeding durable.
  • Takedowns and high-powered weapons with suppressors are recommended.
  • Exceedingly rare, full stop, but deadly.


So yeah, we did it. Me and Boozer. We blew up the Ripper camp. Even while we were laughing, we stopped. Because killing that many people isn't funny. Not now, not ever. Because despite what they were, they were human once.
Deacon St John, reflecting on his destruction of the Ripper Camp.

In spite of the damage that they did to everyone within their sphere of influence, the experience of destroying the Ripper base left deep scars upon Deacon's subconcious, and he already deeply regretted Jessie's torture and exile.



  • The Rippers are similar to many other post-apocalyptic cults in other media, such as the War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road or the more fanatical Unitologists in Dead Space.
    • Their method of blending in with hordes of Freakers is quite similar to The Whisperers in The Walking Dead who would often blend in with hordes of walkers and direct them to attack enemies.
  • According to Lisa, many of the people who willingly join the cult do so to forget all that they have lost in the Global Freaker Outbreak; whether that be family, friends, or even a part of themselves.
  • After the destruction and death of Carlos, the cult is still seen being active, albeit less. It's also stated that there are more leaders with their own sects leaders named as Ogma, Makeda, Toltec.