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  Rippers, Rest in Hell is a mission in Days Gone.


Clear a Ripper camp for Tucker.


  • Locate the camp.
  • Clear the camp.
  • Defeat Reinforcements.



Ripped Apart[]

The third time we ran into Rippers me and Boozer were riding north of Belknap Crater, on our way back to the Hot Springs. We saw their bonfire from a ways out, went in on foot. The Rippers were snorting up some kind of white powder and burning themselves with coals from the fire. I looked at Boozer, he shrugged, and we rode around them.

Marauder Camp Hunter[]

Yeah, so Alkai says the Rippers are after us, that we have a price on our heads. Guess what? I don't give a damn. They hurt my brother. Far as I'm concerned? Now they got a price on their heads, and I'm here to collect.