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The Rock Chuck is an assault rifle in Days Gone. It can be unlocked by clearing out all Marauder Camp Quests, which involve clearing out all Marauder Camps.


"Silent and deadly, this weapon isn't the strongest, but its built in suppressor makes it invaluable." - In-game description.

The Rock Chuck has an integrated suppressor that never wears off nor degrades. This makes the weapon useful for silently and quickly killing enemies, thus eliminating the need to use the slower and weaker crossbow.

Condition: Level 5 (Special Forces).
Damage: 4 (Average)
Range: 9 (Very High)
Accuracy: 8 (High)
Rate of Fire: 10 (Maximum)
Penetration: 4 (Average)
Stopping Power: 3 (Below Average)
Magazine: 35-round box magazine.
Cost: Unlockable only.

How to Unlock the Rock Chuck[]

Complete 100% of the Marauder Camps mission arc.



  • The Rock Chuck is based on the real-life AAC Honey Badger, an integrally-suppressed and shorter-barreled AR-15 variant chambered to fire the subsonic .300 Blackout cartridge. The game model has a shortened version of the later Q LLC Honey Badger SD's MLOK handguard.
  • In pre-release footage, the Rock Chuck was shown to be the standard weapon of NERO's soldiers. In the released game, however, it has been replaced by the SWAT 10. Additionally, this NERO variant of the Rock Chuck featured a flashlight mounted to the lower right side of the handguard which is not present on the one available to Deacon in the released game.