Days Gone Wiki
Biographical information
Full name Rumi Ikeda
Born c. 2000
Yokohama, Japan
Profession Student (formerly)
Bounty collector
Affiliations Deschutes County Militia (formerly)
Derrick Kouri (formerly)
Glen Russell
Deacon St. John
Location Diamond Lake, Oregon, United States
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
In-game information
Appears in Days Gone
Voiced by Miley Yamamoto

Rumi Ikeda is a minor character featured in Days Gone. She resides within the Diamond Lake encampment and acts as the bounty collector, providing camp credits in return for Freaker ears.


Early life[]

Little is known of Rumi's early life. She was born and raised in Japan and came to the United States as an exchange student either in or prior to 2017. Following the outbreak in 2017, she survived for an unknown amount of time before enlisting with the Deschutes County Militia. She was stationed at the Diamond Lake encampment under the command of Captain Derrick Kouri and assigned to serve as the camp's bounty collector, providing camp credits in return for Freaker ears.

Events of Days Gone[]

Following the arrival and enlistment of Deacon St. John, Rumi provides him with camp credits in return for Freaker ears.

Following the death of Colonel Matthew Garret and the dissolution of the Deschutes County Militia, Rumi chooses to remain at the Diamond Lake encampment under the leadership of Glen Russell, though she no longer holds her rank. She now operates as an independent bounty collector and tells Deacon that she is glad to no longer be a part of the militia, though expresses that she is nervous about the future.


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