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Runners are wolves that have been infected by the Freaker Virus.



Runners are distinguished by the bloody scars on their face and the patches of missing fur on their body. The Runner gives 1 Runner ear per kill, which is worth 10 Trust and around 20 cents each.

Deacon encounters a large pack of about 9 of these wolves in their den while searching for a Militia soldier who went AWOL and ran into them.


As their name implies, Runners can move at incredible speeds and are capable of outrunning and catching vehicles. Runners will attack any uninfected creatures upon detecting them. The only difference they have from their uninfected kind is their ability to run at very high speed. They appear to share a similar trait as the Freakers, they will eat any dead animal or human even if it is infected with the Freaker Virus.


Their high speed makes them a serious threat that should be dispatched as quickly as possible. Like many other Freaker types, they can be defeated by ballistic or blunt force trauma, or by burning them.

When chasing Deacon, the Runner will catch up to his motorcycle tailing him from either side. When close enough, it will lunge at Deacon in an attempt to pull him off his bike. Use of the pistol and shooting at the right time when accuracy is full is advised. If successfully hit, the Runner will back away for a moment.

When facing these wolves on foot, a shotgun will basically be your best friend in taking them out with a well placed shot.



  • Runners share a name with a type of infected from The Last of Us.
    • However in The Last of Us, Runners are merely an early stage infection of humans, as animals are not affected by the CDI in the game.