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Runners are a type of animal in the game that have been infected with the Freaker Virus.


Runners are the wolf equivalent of a Freaker. They can be identified by their decayed and scraggy coat, spots of blood seeping through their fur and their extraordinary speed which can outrun Deacon even on his bike.


Like wolves, you will often hear the howl of a Runner long before you even see it. Runners can be often found in the wild attacking other enemies. Just like normal Wolves, Runners will chase Deacon even on his bike, but unlike Wolves, can easily catch up with haste. A Runner will easily manage to dismount Deacon from his bike even with the best engine. Often, Runners - just like Wolves - appear in packs of two or more. They will circle an area you’re in and if in pairs, often will attack together with one attacking head on while the other flanks you from behind.


Runners aren’t exceptionally hard to kill but they are incredibly difficult to outrun or outride and it can cause more trouble trying than it would to face them head on as they often successfully catch up and pounce on the bike to dismount Deacon. If Runners prove difficult, an effective method of surviving an attack while giving yourself time to heal and aim your guns or crossbow is to climb up onto the roof of a car or van if you can find one as they can’t climb or jump up to get to you. Melee weapons or Crossbow bolts work effectively on these creatures while pistols can be fairly ineffective during a chase.


  • Unlike normal Wolves, you can’t harvest meat from Runners to sell to the camps for credits - their bodies are too decayed to harvest from therefore the meat would be useless to the kitchen. Instead, you can gather the Runner ears as bounties to trade for credits at any camp.