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Inventory icon for the SAF

The SAF is one of the primary weapons in Days Gone. By far the most common firearm in the game, it is used by almost every faction.

It is used by Ripper Assaulters and Marauder Assaulters in large numbers.


"A poor condition rifle that lacks accuracy but its ammo availability helps. Try for headshots to maximize effectiveness."

Condition: Level 1 (Junk).
Magazine: 25 rounds.
Maximum Ammunition Capacity: 50 rounds (2 magazines).


  • It is based on the Russian AKM assault rifle.
  • The SAF is not stocked by any gun merchant in the game and can only be looted from enemies or found out in the game world. Thus it cannot be placed in Deacon's locker.
  • The SAF's world model depicts it with wooden furniture, while its inventory icon has gray polymer furniture.
  • There is a real firearm named the SAF, but it is a 9mm submachine gun with no relation to the AKM.
  • "SAF" could possibly stand for something like "Soviet Assault Firearm".