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The SAP9 is a sidearm in Days Gone. It is a clear upgrade over the 9mm and is immediately available from the gun merchant upon visiting the Hot Springs encampment.


"A noticeable improvement over the 9mm. More ammo capacity and better accuracy." -In-game description.

This is one of the better handguns, unless the player needs a better sidearm with more capacity early before progressing further in the game.

Condition: Level 2 (Poor)
Damage: 3 (Below Average)
Range: 9 (Very High)
Accuracy: 8 (High)
Rate of Fire: 4 (Average)
Penetration: 3 (Below Average)
Stopping Power: 2 (Low)
Magazine: 12-round box magazine.
Maximum Ammo Capacity:?
Cost: 500 credits


  • It is found at Hot Springs camp and immediately unlocks for sale (Trust level 0).