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The SWAT 10 in the gear viewer.

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The stats of the SWAT 10.

The SWAT 10 is a primary weapon and submachine gun in Days Gone.


"A tight and precise weapon. Not the highest damage but its rate of fire and accuracy make this weapon a go-to." - In-game Description.

Condition: Level 3 (Average)
Magazine: 30-round stick magazine. (Extended Mag: Additional 15 rounds for 780 credits)
Credits: 1,500.


It can be found at Lost Lake camp and unlocks for sale at Trust Level 2.


  • The SWAT 10 is likely based on the real-life Heckler & Koch MP5/10 (chambered in 10mm Auto) or MP5/40 (chambered in .40 Smith & Wesson). They were beefier variants of the MP5 designed for use by Law Enforcement agencies that used sidearms chambered for the .40 S&W or 10mm Auto cartridge. Note the straight-line "waffle"-style magazine rather than the curved magazine of the standard 9mm MP5. They were both replaced in 1999 by the sturdier Heckler & Koch UMP.
  • It is commonly used by the NERO Soldiers from the National Emergency Response Organization.
  • The NERO SWAT 10 can be picked up from dead NERO Soldiers, but doing so requires patience and exploitation of their AI. Using distractions and remote bombs by pushing them towards deep water from the explosion, which drowns them to death. This has not been patched and is simply doable. However, the NERO variant has poor damage and has very high rate of fire, which makes it unsuitable for eliminating hordes.