Screamers are a subcategory of Freakers in Days Gone.


A Screamer can be easily identified and told apart from the standard ‘Swarmer’ type Freaker; a Screamer will only ever be female and will stand out with her thin stringy white hair down to her shoulders. When she screams, the Screamer can stretch her jaw to unnatural proportions making her face seem elongated and she has a far more emaciated appearance than a Swarmer, with her collar bones and ribs protruding from her chest and her arms and legs being thin and bony.


The Screamer can be particularly troublesome; her hearing is more acute than the general Swarmer, and as such you will often see her standing incredibly still just listening for human movement. Due to her subsonic scream she can be a dangerous addition to any fight - the scream can throw off Deacon’s ability to move and restrict him from being able to react to the player’s controls (this will be depicted on screen as waves and vibrations as Deacon hunches and holds his ears). Unlike the shrieks of the standard Freaker, a Screamer’s cry will carry much further and draw attention from other Freakers in the area, also seeming to be able to summon Freakers from thin air.


It’s advised to use the stealthy approach with a Screamer and either quietly kill her from afar with a ranged weapon or get her from behind with your boot knife. She can easily be distracted with rocks and distractors or loud speakers. It is inadvisable to ride your bike directly by a Screamer as her scream is so powerful it has the ability to knock Deacon right off the bike and cause him and the bike damage. If caught in close quarters with several Freakers and a Screamer, it’s highly advisable to kill the Screamer as quickly as you can as her screams will draw swarms or nearby Hordes of other Freakers to the fight as well as potentially incapacitate Deacon from being able to defend himself. A Screamer in any area should always be on your list of priorities. Screamers seem to have a disliking for Newts (adolescent Freakers) and will often attack them if they come within range; likewise, a Newt will attack a Screamer.



  • While riding on his bike, if a Screamer is in the area, Deacon will often announce it even if the Screamer isn’t particularly in sight even by using survival focusing.
  • Screamers are easily distracted by sound.
  • A Screamer’s Cry is so powerful that she can knock Deacon from his bike by just screaming.
  • A Screamer’s cry can prevent Deacon from aiming his gun or swinging his melee weapons.
  • Even if there are no Freakers to be found in the area except from the Screamer, her scream will materialise a swarm within seconds.
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