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  Searching For Lisa is a mission in Days Gone.


Search for Lisa in Rogue Camp.


  • Find a Way Into House.
  • Search for Lisa.


You're Safe Now[]

Went up to Rogue Camp, where Lisa was last seen, had a look around. Found some signs she was there, but no Lisa. Marauders? Rippers? Freaks? Wolves? Who knows. Like I said before, I should have left her where I found her. Then maybe she'd still be alive.

Ripped Apart[]

I went out to find Lisa, no luck. Who knows what happened to her. Like Rikki said, could be anything. I did find a scrap of paper, might be Lisa's handwriting — how would I know? Had "R.I.P." scribbled all over it, a bunch of symbols, words like "tremble" and "the lost." Ripper shit. I hope to God Lisa didn't run into more Rippers.