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  Searching for Something is a mission in Days Gone.


Chase down a NERO black chopper.


  • Drive to location.
  • Chase the NERO Helo.
  • Get the NERO Radio.
  • Clear all enemies to take radio.
  • Return to your bike.


I Remember[]

I saw another NERO chopper, just cruising by like it was nothing. Two years, nothing. No airplanes. No radio calls. No shortwave. Nothing. And now NERO's all over the wilderness, chasing down Freaks like they're rounding up and tagging wildlife. I got one of their radios now. O'Brian's alive — and out here — I'm going to find him and her some answers.

Finding NERO[]

So now NERO's wrangling Newts, at least that's what it looked like until they were run off by a Horde. First they're studying how Hordes hibernate in caves and now they're tagging Newts. Why? I don't give a damn. If O'Brian's alive, I'll have questions of my own, and I won't be asking about the damn Freaks.



  • The weather is clear. Mission start time 2:00am, the mission ends at 7:30am.
  • The runner's first appearance in the game.