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A collection of personal ads found at Crazy Willie's in Belknap.


In the Crazy Willie's Infestation area, on Crazy Willie’s desk inside the gas station.


Fun Companion.
Fun, sexy companion seeking gorgeous man for a good time. Bring a single rose to the Frontier Motel if interested.

Sexy Redhead.
Sexy redhead seeking companion for fun times at the rose garden.

Hot Young Blonde.
Blonde girl with a hot bod looking for fun times out on the town. Bring roses.

Indie Guy.
Music loving indie guy looking for a girl with similar tastes. Let's watch movies and jam!

Romantic Dog Lover.
Romantic, dog-loving woman looking for a man to sweep her feet. Must love dogs.

Coffee Addict
Coffee addict looking for woman of similar tastes for cafe tour and tasting. Bring your thirst!